Vífill frá Glæsibæ

Vífill frá Glæsibæ


S: Parker frá Sólheimum
SS:  Hervar frá Sauðárkróki
SD:  Penta frá Vatnsleysu
D:  Svalbrá frá Glæsibæ
DS:  Ófeigur frá Flugumýri
DD:  Héla frá Glæsibæ

Andrea and Vífill
Andrea and Vífill have a special partnership

Vífill is a tall (14.1h) and handsome red dun gelding. He has a sensitive and intelligent character that makes him fun to work with. He has a lot of experience and was well-educated by top trainer/rider Sigurbjörn (“Diddi”) Bárðarson.

Vífill is a son of the first prize four gated stallion, Parker frá Sólheimum. His grandsires on both sides - Hervar frá Sauðárkróki and Ófeigur frá Flugumýri - are two of the most famous honor prize stallions. All these fine genetics have come together to make Vífill a great riding horse.

Vífill is big and strong and possesses a great amount of energy and stamina. He loves to move out (especially at his effortless tolt) and feels like he can go on forever. Though he is quite forward-thinking, he is also very responsive to the rider and solid out on the trails. He has four quality gaits including a brisk ground-covering walk, a jumped canter, and clear trot. But his best gait is probably his super tolt. He is a very smooth tolting machine. It's hard not to smile when you ride him!

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